January 23, 2019

Division Two - Standards for Water Systems - Chapter IX. Storage Facilities

Chapter IX. Storage Facilities

Sec. 209-1 Design

All steel tanks, standpipes, reservoirs and elevated tanks for water storage shall comply with "AWWA D100 Standard for Welded Steel Tanks for Water Storage" or "AWWA D103 Standard for Factory Coated Bolted Steel Tanks for Water Storage," and also meet all foundation and seismic requirements of the Building Code.124

All pressure (hydromatic) tanks containing more than 1000 U.S. gallons shall conform to the ASME Code for pressure storage and vessels.

Sec. 209-2 Repairing and Painting

All inspection, repairing, painting and repainting of steel tanks, standpipes, reservoirs, and elevated tanks for water storage shall comply with "AWWA D102."


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