January 21, 2019

Division Two - Standards for Water Systems - Chapter VII. Water Service Connections

Chapter VII. Water Service Connections

Sec. 207-1 Threads

All threads for underground service line fittings and materials for these fittings, corporation and meter stops, shall comply with "AWWA C800”.

Sec. 207-2 Service Pipe Size

207-2.01 Water service connections shall be adequately sized to provide 25 psi at the customer connection during peak hourly residential flow. Water service connections shall not be less than 3/4 inch nominal size.

207-2.02 In the event of double service connections for two 3/4" services, the service pipe from the main to the service connection tee shall be 1" nominal size.

207-2.03 The water service connection shall be equipped with a service valve or curb stop located two feet outside of the property, or next to the sidewalk where sidewalk is placed.

207-2.04 Where property will be served by two or more water service connections from different street water mains or supplies, each service connection shall be equipped with a single check valve to prevent cross connection flow.

Sec. 207-3 Water Service Pipe and Tubing All the following materials shall conform either to IAPMO IS 3 "Installation Standard for Copper Plumbing Tube, Pipe and Fittings" or IAPMO 7 "Installation Standard for Polyethylene (PE) Cold Water Building Supply and Yard Piping" in the current adopted edition of the California Plumbing Code.121

207-3.01 All 3/4 inch and larger water service connections may be seamless copper water tubing (ASTM B 88) or polyethylene plastic tubing (ASTM D2239, PE 3408).

207-3.02 All 1-1/2 inch and larger water service connections may also use seamless red brass pipe conforming to (ASTM B 43), or copper pipe conforming to (ASTM B 42).

207-3.03 Water services for either 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch may also use annealed coiled copper tubing.

Sec. 207-4 Corporation Stops

All corporation stops, if used, shall be bronze or brass, round, with inlet for either corporation stop (C.S.) thread or iron pipe standard (I.P.S.) thread, and outlet for the type of service pipe used in accordance with AWWA C800.

Sec. 207-5 Meter Stops

All 3/4 inch and 1 inch (curb) meter stops shall be bronze or brass, with inlet for the type of service pipe used, and outlet for the type or service pipe or meter coupling used.

For 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch service, bronze or brass curb stop valve, straight ground key curb stop, or bronze gate valve (Minimum of 200 PSI rated working pressure) may be used. Inlet and outlet shall be appropriate for the type of service pipe or meter flange used. All valves shall be factory hydro-tested to 300 PSI or air-tested to 100 PSI under water.

Sec. 207-6 Bronze Gate Valves

All 1-1/2 inch through 3 inch gate valves shall be all bronze and comply with "AWWA C500" and ASTM standards.

Sec. 207-7 Standard Service Clamps

All Service clamps and straps shall be in accordance with AWWA Standards and the pipe manufacturer's recommendations.

Sec. 207-8 Repair Service Clamp

Where no service clamp is required, and the corporation stop does not seal properly, a repair service clamp shall be used.

Sec. 207-9 Solder Joints and Fittings

The use of solder containing more than two-tenths of one percent of lead in making joints and fittings in any potable water system is prohibited.


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