January 21, 2019

Division Two - Standards for Water Systems - Chapter IV. Valves and Other Appurtenances

Chapter IV. Valves & Other Appurtenances

Sec. 204-1 General

All main line gate valves on transmission and/or distribution mains shall be double disc gate valves or butterfly valves and shall conform to the following standards:

204-1.01 Double Disc Gate Valves shall be cast-iron body, all bronze mounted interior, non-rising stem, or for cold water service of 175 PSI working ater pressure and shall be in accordance with "AWWA C500", as last revised.116

204-1.02 Hub End Gate Valves provided with rubber rings shall be in accordance with "AWWA C500" or C509.

204-1.03 Bronze for interior of Gate Valves shall be Grade 1 and shall conform to current ASTM and State Standards.

204-1.04 Butterfly Valves shall be rubber seated and shall comply with "AWWA C504", class 125-16 gear operated unless otherwise authorized. Disc shall be of ni-resist alloy cast-iron and shall rotate 90 degrees between the fully open and fully closed positions. Rubber seats shall be securely held in place by nickel cast-iron or type 316 stainless steel retaining segments, and shall not require bonding or cementing to the body.

204-1.05 The butterfly valve standard is not intended to cover valves for installation where service conditions exceed the shutoff pressures and line velocities stated in Table 1 of "AWWA C504" or on lines supplying fire hydrants.

Sec. 204-2 Valve Boxes and Vaults

204-2-1 A valve box or vault or capped standpipe shall be provided for every valve installed below the grade. The cover for all valve boxes and vaults placed in the street pavement or any location where there is vehicular traffic shall be traffic rated, metallic or of reinforced concrete.

204-2-2 All valve box caps shall be marked with the word "water", or a "W", or a suitable identification of the water utility.

Sec. 204-3 Air and Vacuum Release Valves

Air and vacuum release valves shall be installed in the water system at all points where it is indicated that air pockets may form. The design shall be such as to ensure the release of air automatically from the water main. These valves may also ensure the entrance of air into the water main when the pressure inside the line is below atmospheric pressure. All valves shall be designed for a minimum of 150 PSI operating pressure. The inlet to each valve shall be provided with a gate valve or corporation stop to provide a positive closure between the main pipeline and the air and vacuum release valve. Vent outlets shall be installed above ground in such manner as to preclude back-flow.

Sec. 204-4 Check Valves

All check valves shall seat readily and completely to assure water tightness. The face of the closure element and valve seat shall be bronze, composition, or other non-corrodible material which will seat tightly under all prevailing conditions of field use. All check valves four (4) inch and larger in size, for use on distribution mains, shall be designed for a minimum of 175 PSI cold water working pressure.

Sec. 204-5 Flushouts (Blowoffs)

All flushouts (blowoffs) shall be a minimum outlet size of 2" and shall be designed for a minimum operating pressure of 150 PSI. A flushout or fire hydrant shall be installed at the terminus of all dead-end water mains or non-circulating flow water mains.


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