January 23, 2019

Division Two - Standards for Water Systems - Chapter II. Water Supply Requirements

Chapter II. Water Supply Requirements

Sec. 202-1 General

The developer shall form a service entity or furnish a certificate from the water purveyor stating that they can and will perform the function of providing and maintaining the water supply, mains, valves, hydrants, and fire flows.

All facilities of the water system shall be designed and constructed to provide adequate size and capacity from the source facilities and storage to meet the flow requirements. All distribution systems shall be designed to permit circulation of water flows throughout, except where impractical because of cul-de-sac and like conditions.

Sec. 202-2 Number of Customers (See Water Supply Requirement Chart, Plate W-5) 

The total number of customers shall be determined in accordance with this section.

202-2.01 Residential Areas: Each single family home or lot will be counted as one (1) customer. Each dwelling unit of an apartment, duplex, or triplex building will be counted as one-half (½) customer.

202-2.02 Commercial and Industrial Areas: Each acre (including storage and parking area) will be counted as a minimum five (5) customers.

202-2.03 Parks and Landscaped Areas: Each acre of land will be counted as two (2) customers, except where specific design indicates otherwise.

202-2.04 Mobile Home Parks: Each mobile home or mobile home space will be counted a one-half (½) customer.

Sec. 202-3 Required Residential Supply - General

All water systems shall be designed with minimum source and storage capacities as required in this section and as may be required by the California Building Standards Code.

202-3.01 Plate W-5 "Water Supply Requirements Chart," shall be used in computing the peak hourly residential flow. The top of the appropriate band shall be used in computing the peak hourly residential.

202-3.02 The peak hourly residential flow or the sum of the required fire flow plus one-half (½) of the peak hourly residential flow, whichever is greater, shall be maintained for the period of time shown in Section 205-3. With the most critical well or pump inoperative, a minimum of 2/3 of the above flow shall be maintained for the time specified. This requirement may be met by drawing from both well pumping and storage.

202-3.03 The maximum daily residential flow shall be equal to one-half (½) of the peak hourly residential flow and shall be maintained for a period of three days. This requirement may be met from a combined source of wells and storage.

202-3.04 The average daily residential flow for the maximum month shall be equal to one-third (1/3) of the peak hourly residential flow and shall be maintained continuously from the well pumping only.112


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