February 22, 2019

Division Two - Standards for Water Systems

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Chapter I. General

Sec. 201-1 Scope

This division establishes the minimum acceptable standards of performance and materials and methods used in the construction of water mains and water systems for developments in the County of Kern. Water purveyors may have more restrictive requirements.

Sec. 201-2 General

201-2.01 The provisions of this manual are not intended to prevent the use of any material or method of construction not specifically prescribed by this manual if such alternate has been submitted to and has been approved by the Director and the Purveyor's Engineer.

201-2.02 The Director may approve such alternate if such alternate is found to be for the purpose intended and at least the equivalent of that prescribed in this manual in quality, strength, sanitation, durability, safety, and effectiveness.

201-2.03 The Director may require the person seeking approval of such alternate to submit to him a sample of such alternate material or method, together with two copies of a technical report, including design data, report of material and chemical analysis, and details of laboratory tests which have been performed, plus copies of all tests and approvals, if any, under "AWWA", "ASA", State Department of Health Services, or other approved testing laboratories.

201-2.04 In no event will the use of other than new and unused materials be permitted unless specifically approved by the Environmental Health Services Department and the Director.

201-2.05 The Land Division Ordinance requires that construction plans for the water supply and distribution system be reviewed and approved by the Fire Department, Environmental Health Services Department, and Engineering, Surveying & Permit Services Department.

201-2.06 The requirement for review by and approval of the Director for water plans may be waived when all of the following conditions exist:

    1. The facilities are to be accepted and maintained by an established public district or company.
    2. The company or district has adopted standards which are equivalent to, or more restrictive than, the County’s adopted Development Standards.
    3. The plans are prepared by the developer's engineer and approved by the company's or district's engineer or prepared by the company's or district's engineer and approved by the developer's engineer.
    4. The company's or district's engineer is independent of the developer and the developer's engineer.
    5. The company's or district's engineer by certificate shall state on the plans that the plans meet or exceed the minimum County Development Standards.
    6. The district or company has received written approval of the Director for waiver of the requirement of his review and approval of the plans.

201-2.07 See Section 305 of Division III, Standards for Sanitary Sewers, for clearance between water and sewer lines.

Sec. 201-3 Enforcement

Provisions of these standards for water systems shall be enforced by the Director, the Director of Environmental Health Services, and the Fire Chief.

Sec. 201-4 Definitions, Terms, and Abbreviations

Whenever any of the following words, expressions or pronouns are used in these minimum standards, they shall be understood to have the meanings given below:

201-4.01 PURVEYOR'S ENGINEER: Civil Engineer registered in State of California employed or contracted by the Water Purveyor.

201-4.02 WATER PURVEYORS: The water system shall be owned and operated by a public utility, a mutual water company, or a governmental body. The entity serving water must hold a valid permit to purvey water from the State Department of Health Services or County Environmental Health Services Department. In the case of a 110 public utility, it must also hold a valid "Certificate of Convenience and Necessity" from the California Public Utility Commission.

201-4.03 TRADE NAMES: Where trade names are used in these minimum standards, it shall be understood that other materials may be substituted provided they are equal in quality and meet with the approval of the Engineer and the Purveyor's Engineer.

201-4.04 REFERENCE TO STANDARDS AND PUBLICATIONS: Any reference made in these minimum standards to any specifications, standard methods or publications of any scientific or technical society or other organization shall be understood to refer to the specification, standard, method or publication, in effect as of the date the work is approved.

201-4.05 SPECIFICATION REFERENCES: The following standards of materials and construction for installation of water mains and water systems in the County are included by reference:

    1. Specifications of the "American Water Works Association” (AWWA).
    2. Specifications of "The American Society for Testing Materials" (ASTM).
    3. Specifications of the "American Petroleum Institute" (API).
    4. Specifications of the "American Society of Mechanical Engineers" (ASME).

201-4.06 CERTIFICATE: The supplier shall furnish a certificate if requested by the Engineer, stating that all pipe, valves, fittings, protective coatings and all other materials comply with the specifications in these standards.


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