January 23, 2019

Division Nine - Standards for Traffic Engineering - Chapter VII. Street Sign Specifications

Chapter VII. Street Sign Specifications

907-1 Design

Street signs shall consist of two double faced signs, mounted at right angles. (or 45 degree if angle of intersection warrants)

907-2 Bracket Assembly

Post cap shall fit a 2” I.D. Standard Pipe, complete with minimum of three (3) Allenhead setscrews to secure to pipe. Crosspiece shall secure the name plates at 90 degree (or 45 degree) with a minimum of two (2) 5/16” Allenhead setscrews in each plate (setscrews shall be electro-plated zinc-coated.0003-.0005”). Casting shall be die-cast aluminum. Standard weight.

907-3 Plate Size

Length shall be either 24” or 30”. Width shall be 6”. Radius of corners shall be ½”. Plates shall be .125” ga. aluminum, 6061T6 Alloy with Alodine 1200 surface treatment.

907-4 Finish

Signs shall be baked enamel finished in accordance with the State of California Specifications of Interstate Green.

907-5 Lettering

The letters shall be die cut and of the rounded type style conforming to the standard alphabet for highway signs designed by the U.S. Public Roads Administration. Street names shall be Series B, C, D, or E, 4” high. Abbreviations (St., Dr., Ln., Ave., Ct., Way, etc.) shall be series C, 2” high. Street names and abbreviations shall be White-2290 Scotchlite Reflective Sheeting Material, as manufactured by the 3M Company, or equal. Each name shall be individually laid out and spaced to fit either the 24” or 30” plates. Application of Reflective sheeting shall be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


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