January 23, 2019

Division Nine - Standards for Traffic Engineering - Chapter IV. Traffic Signal Improvements

Chapter IV. Traffic Signal Improvements

Sec. 904-1 Introduction

This chapter is intended as a standard for design and installation of traffic signal improvements.

Sec. 904-2 Traffic Signal & Lighting System Design

Traffic signals and lighting systems shall be designed to meet all County and State standards. These standards are defined in detail by the Kern County Roads Department, Traffic Engineering Division.

Sec. 904-3 Traffic Signal Interconnect

Traffic signal interconnect conduit shall be installed along all collector and arterial streets or as directed by the Traffic Engineer as part of the standard street improvements. Placement of conduit shall be on the side of the street first developed unless otherwise directed due to prior development or conduit placement.

Interconnect conduit shall be 2" minimum with pull rope or pull wire and shall conform to CalTrans Standard Specifications, latest edition. Interconnect conductor shall be installed where a complete segment of conduit is being placed between signalized or future signalized intersections. The standard location for conduit shall be under sidewalk and shall be constructed with No. 5 pull boxes per Plate T-16 spaced at a maximum of 400 feet. Alternate design locations may be allowed as approved by the Traffic Engineer.

Sec. 904-4 Future Signal Conduit

Future signal conduit shall be installed at all major intersections or intersections planned for future signals per Plate T-15. Additional right of way shall be provided for location of controller as shown in the detail.


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