January 21, 2019

Division Nine - Standards for Traffic Engineering - Chapter III. Tenative Subdivision Review

Chapter III. Tenative Subdivision Review

Sec. 903-1 Introduction

This chapter is intended as a standard for design and review of the traffic aspects of tentative subdivision maps.

Sec. 903-2 Street Name Signs

Street name signs shall be paid for and installed by the developer and placed in accordance with the requirements of County Standards Plate T-1 and T-2. These shall also be placed at the corner of knuckled streets.

Sec. 903-3 Regulatory/Warning Signs

Developer will be required to pay for and install regulatory and warning signs in accordance with these standards. Traffic signs shall be installed in conformance with the standards in the California MUTCD. In the event of a conflict between these standards and the California MUTCD, the California MUTCD shall take precedence.



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