March 22, 2019

Development Standards TOC & Download List

General Introduction PDF Pg No.#
Development Standards 1
Land Division Ordinance 1
Exceptions 1
Notice to Work 2
Document Priority 2
Submittal Standards 2
General Definitions 3

Division One STREETS pdfPDF Download
Chapter Title PDF Page No.#
Chapter I. Introduction 5
Chapter II. Definitions and General Policy 5
Chapter III. Street Improvement Requirements 8
Chapter IV. Design and Construction Standards 11
Chapter V. Access 16
Chapter VI. Site Access Design 20
Chapter VII. Street and Highway Drainage 20
Chapter VIII. Landscaping 21
Chapter IX. Temporary Street Closures 22
Chapter X. Subdivision Street Improvement Plan Notes 22
List of Required Street Sections 25
R-1 thru 29 Typical Sections 26-54
R-30 Parkway Areas Type B 55
R-31 Parkway Areas Type A 56
R-32 Comp. O.G./R-Value 57
R-33 One Way Left Turn - 14' Median 58
R-34 thru 40 Expanded Intersections 59-65
R-41 Property Line Cut-off Detail 66
R-42 Frontage Roads 67
R-43 thru 46 Cul-De-Sac 68-71
R-47 Standard Knuckle 72
R-48 thru 50 Intersections 73-75
R-51 1' Non-Access Strips 76
R-52 Standard Curbs 77
R-53 thru 58 Drive Approach Details 78-83
R-59 thru 61 Wheelchair Ramps 84-86
R-62 Concrete Cross Drain 87
R-63 Wide Concrete Cross Drain 88
R-64 & 65 Sidewalk Detail 89-90
R-66 Bus Turnout Details 91
R-67 & 68 Backfill Requirements 92-93
R-69 Adjust Manhole Detail 94
R-70 Survey Monument Encasement 95
R-71 & 72 Type A Minor Structure 96-97
R-73 Part Circle Culvert 98
R-74 Under Sidewalk Drain 99
R-75 Street Light 100
R-76 Street Light Pull Box 101
R-77 Masonry Non Bearing Wall 85 MPH 102
R-78 Masonry Non Bearing Wall 100 MPH 103
R-79 & 80 Retaining Wall with Screen Wall 85 MPH 104-105
R-81 & 82 Retaining Wall with Screen Wall 100 MPH 106-107

Division Two WATER SYSTEMS pdfPDF Download
Chapter Title PDF Page No.#
Chapter I. General 108
Chapter II. Water Supply Requirements 110
Chapter III. Water Pipe 112
Chapter IV. Values and Other Appurtenances 115
Chapter V. Fire Protection Requirements 117
Chapter VI. Pipe Fittings 120
Chapter VII. Water Services Connections 120
Chapter VIII. Water Pipe Installation 122
Chapter IX. Storage Facilities 123
Chapter X. Vertical Turbine Pumps 124
Chapter XI. Tests 124
W-1 Fire Hydrant Detail 125
W-2 Valve Installation 126
W-3 Thrust Block Details 127
W-4 Trench Section 128
W-5 Water Supply Chart 129
W-6 Guard Post Installation 130 

Division Three SANITARY SEWERS pdfPDF Download
Chapter Title PDF Page No.#
Chapter I. General 131
Chapter II. Design Standards 132
Chapter III. Final Acceptance 138
Chapter IV. Materials and Installation 139
Chapter V. Standards for Separation of Water & Sewer Lines 147
Chapter VI. Sewer Lift Station 152
S-1 Trench Section 175
S-2 Building Sewer Installation Cut Area  176
S-3 thru 5 Standard Manholes 177-179
S-6 Manhole Frame and Cover  180
S-7 Rodding Inlet  181
S-8 Riser Frame and Cover  182
S-9 & 10 Standards for Separation  183-184
S-11 Sewer Lateral Marker  185
S-12 Sewer Line in Pipe Casing  186
S-13 thru 18 Pumping Station related Standards  187-192

Division Four  DRAINAGE  pdfPDF Download 
Chapter Title PDF Page No.#
Chapter I. General  193 
Chapter II.  Definitions  194 
Chapter III.  Drainage Plans  197 
Chapter IV. Alluvial Fan Development 199
Chapter V. Street Drainage 200
Chapter VI. Culverts, Bridges and At Grade-Crossings 201
Chapter VII. Closed Conduit Systems Catch Basin 202
Chapter VIII. Retention Basin Design 205
Chapter IX. Detention Basin Design 208
Chapter X. Constructed Channel Design 212
Chapter XI. Levee Design 216
Chapter XII. Natural Channels 217
D-1 Sump Details 219
D-2 Rodent Barrier/Discharge Structure 220
D-3 Shallow Sump Details 221
D-4 Type “B” Minor Structure-Junction Box 222
D-5 Type “C” Minor Structure-Manhole 223
D-6 Pump Station Inlet Structure 224
D-7 & 8 Duplex Pump Station 225
D-9 Pump Station – Discharge Structure 227
D-10 Chain Link Fencing Specifications 228
D-11 Double Gate Specifications 229
D-12 Flood Zone Fencing Specifications 230

Division Five LANDSCAPE pdfPDF Download
Chapter Title PDF Page No.#
Chapter I. General 231
Chapter II. Irrigation System 232
Chapter III. Materials 233
Chapter IV. Maintenance 238
L-1 Landscape and Irrigation Legends 240
L-2 Piping and Trenching 241
L-3 Electrical Conduit Trenching & Backfill 242
L-4 Irrigation Sleevend (5) 243
L-5 Potable Water Protection 244
L-6 Quick coupler Valve Detail 245
L-7 Thrust Blocks 246
L-8 Remote Control and Quick Coupling Valves 247
L-9 Control Clock, Oscillating Head, Triple Swing Joint 248
L-10 Various Irrigation Heads 249
L-11 Various Parkway and Median Section 250
L-12 Landscape and Irrigation for Variation Planting 251
L-13 Concrete Mow Strips 252
L-14 Landscaping Units within medians 253
L-15 Details for Multi-Use-Trail Fence 254

Chapter  Title  PDF Page No.# 
Chapter I.  General  255
Chapter II.  Sewage Disposal Individual Soil Absorption Systems 255 
Chapter III. Water Supply 264
Chapter IV. Preservation of Environmental Health 265

Division Seven  CONSTRUCTION SECURITY  pdfPDF Download 
Chapter  Title  PDF Page No.# 
Chapter I.  General  267 
Chapter II.  Unit Prices  268 

Division Eight  SURVEY MONUMENTS  pdfPDF Download 
Chapter  Title  PDF Page No.# 
Chapter I.  General  274 
Chapter II.  Monuments  274 

Chapter  Title  PDF Page No.# 
Chapter I.  Introduction  275 
Chapter I.  Traffic Studies  275 
Chapter III. Tentative Subdivision Review 277
Chapter IV. Traffic Signal Improvements 277
Chapter V. Line of Sight Review 278
Chapter VI. Signing, Striping and Marking 279
Chapter VII. Street Sign Specifications 280
T-1 Street Signs and Locations 282
T-2 Miscellaneous Sign Details 283
T-3 Street Sign Plate Mast Arm Mount 284
T-4 Stop Sign 285
T-5 Barricade, End-of-Street 286
T-6 End-of-Street Sign 287
T-7 Standard Sight Distance at Intersections 288
T-8 Typical Sight Line Requirements for Landscaping 289
T-9 Restricted Access, Right-in and Right-out Only 290
T-10 Restricted Access, Right-in, Right-out Left-in Only 291
T-11 Typical Median End Details at Intersections With Local Streets 292
T-12 Typical Striping Plan 293
T-13 Typical Striping Plan for Arterial and Collector Approaches 294
T-14 Transitions at Road Narrowings 295
T-15 Conduit and R/W Requirements For Future Signal Locations 296
T-16 Traffic Signal Interconnect-Wiring and Pull Boxes 297


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