December 19, 2018

Division One - Standards for Streets - Chapter X - Subdivision Street Improvement Plan Notes


Chapter X. Subdivision Street Improvement Plan Notes

The following general notes shall be included on Subdivision Street Improvement Plans:

  1. All improvements shall be in accordance with Kern County Development Standards and other County adopted policy; street improvements shall be as required for Type Subdivisions.
  2. Improvements shall be in accordance with State of California Business and Transportation Agency Department of Transportation Standard Specifications, current edition, as modified and determined applicable by the Director.
  3. All streets have been designed in accordance with the Traffic Index as shown on the typical cross-sections.
  4. All streets have been designed using a minimum "R" value as shown on typical cross-sections. Should further testing show a lower "R" value of the actual in-place material, streets shall be redesigned according to the lower "R" value.
  5. Any layer of "R" value material specified in the typical cross-section may be increased in depth provided that the material above that layer has no less than the minimum thickness shown.
  6. If approved in writing by the Director, an alternate pavement design using Class III Aggregate Base and a thicker A.C. section may be used.
  7. Any work which affects any existing County maintained road or the traffic thereon shall be completed within 20 working days from start of work.
  8. Elevations and grades shown on the profiles are gutter flowlines (inverts).
  9. Maximum plus grade tolerance for A.B., A.S.B/ and O.G. shall be 0.05 of a foot.
  10. Portland Cement Concrete shall be Class 3 unless otherwise indicated. All concrete shall have all exposed surfaces treated with a white pigmented curing compound (see Section 90-7.01B of the Std. Specs.) after finishing.
  11. Permanent traffic control signing and other safety devices (not shown on these plans) shall be installed per plans approved by the Engineer.
  12. Street lighting shall be installed and a means provided to contract for public utility services and maintenance.
  13. Prior to start of any earthwork, the Subdivider shall obtain a Grading Permit as required by Kern County Code of Building Regulations and Grading Ordinance.
  14. Wheelchair ramps shall be constructed at all curb returns per plate R-60 of the Kern County Development Standards and as directed by the engineer. Curb ramps shall have a detectable warning surface that extends the full width & depth of the curb ramp, excluding flared sides.
  15. All existing facilities, including but not limited to structures, poles, pipelines, conducts, canals, and appurtenances, which are considered to be obstructions by the County Engineer, shall be relocated at the expense of the Subdivider.
  16. New streets shall be extended at intersections as directed by the County Engineer in order to provide a safe connection to the existing street pavement.
  17. Storm drainage sump shall not be allowed to accept water until secured by permanent fencing or in the case of shallow unfenced sumps not until compliance with depth and side slope criteria as set by the Kern County Development Standards, Division Four.
  18. Asphalt rejuvenating agent shall be applied to new asphalt concrete pavement, as directed by the Engineer, in accordance with the provisions in Section 37 "Bituminous Seals" of the Standard Specifications and the State Department of Transportation's Standard Special Provisions currently in effect. 
  19. Pavement grinding in accordance with Section 42 of the Standard Specifications shall be provided as directed by the Engineer where new pavement meets existing pavement.
  20. All frames and covers within the roadway shall be raised to finish grade per Plate R-69.24
  21. Underground utilities including services to be located within right-of-way shall be installed prior to surfacing the streets.
  22. Utility vaults installed in sidewalk area shall have non-skid surfaces/lids.
  23. When bike lanes are required along a highway, the curb line shall be extended three (3) feet and the parkway area reduced three (3) feet.
  24. Prior to acceptance of improvements, the developer shall submit a letter to the Kern County Roads Department requesting “No Stopping” along _______ and __________.
  25. Street sweeping, walls, drainage, street lights, etc. shall be maintained by ________________.

NOTE: Any additional notes, not required by the Engineer, will be listed under a heading of
“The Engineer of Record’s Notes” and will not be considered to be a part of the County approval.


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