February 22, 2019

Division One - Standards for Streets - VIII - Landscaping

Chapter VIII. Landscaping

Sec. 108-1 Landscaping

Landscaping shall comply with Division Five – Landscaping, of these standards. When landscaping within or adjacent to street intersections, the following sight distance and safety criteria shall be provided:

108-1.01 The standards apply only to those intersections which meet at normal skews and where the grade difference between the intersecting streets is not greater than 10 percent.

108-1.02 The clear sight triangle for roadways intersecting arterial and collector highways (55 mph design speed) and stopping sight distance is three hundred (300) feet (near lane approach) and one hundred and fiftythree (153) feet (far lane approach).

108-1.03 The maximum height of shrubs and other obstruction within the above area shall be maintained at a height of thirty (30) inches or less above the sidewalk grade.

108-1.04 For local street intersections; nothing greater than a thirty (30) inch height (above sidewalk grade) within sixty (60) feet of the curb lines extended (normal skew and grades).

108-1.05 See attached Plate T-7 for illustrations of the above standards.

108-1.06 The maximum trunk diameter for trees located in the road right-of-way of any street shall be four (4) inches or less at 10-year growth.

108-1.07 To maintain appropriate sight distances, no shrubs or trees with a height greater than 30 inches shall be located in a median area within three hundred (300) feet from the centerline of the intersecting cross street, pedestrian walkways, bikeways, or median openings.

108-1.08 All landscaping facilities shall be designed and maintained so as not to present a hazard to the traveling public.


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