January 23, 2019

Division One - Standards for Streets - Chapter VII - Street and Highway Drainage

Chapter VII. Street & Highway Drainage

Sec. 107-1 Street and Highway Drainage Easements and Improvements

Any drainage easements and improvements necessary for street and highway drainage shall be provided by the Developer, in accordance with the provisions of this section.

Sec. 107-2 Requirements for Street and Highway Drainage

The following criteria shall be applied to the design and construction of drainage facilities for streets and highways:

107.2.01 Street Drainage (See Drainage - Division Four, Chapter V.).

107-2.02 Cross Drainage (See Drainage - Division Four, Chapter VI.).

Sec. 107-3 Design Standards for Culverts and Bridges Structural Design

  1. Bridge and culvert design standards shall conform to "Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges" of the American Association of State Highway Officials, and the Bridge Design Manual of the Office of Structures, California Department of Transportation. 
  2. Design loading shall be H20-S16-44 with alternate.
  3. Bridge width shall equal the approach roadway width plus one pedestrian walkway in accordance with the standard typical cross-sections included. Where a designated bike way exists, additional width may be required by the Director.

Sec. 107-4 Miscellaneous Provisions

Street or highway crossings below check dams and/or spillways shall require special investigation and design. Plans for such crossings shall be submitted to the Director for review and approval.

Where special design or variation from standards is necessary for any drainage facility, crossing a street or highway, said design shall be subject to the approval of the Director.


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