March 22, 2019

Division Three - Standards for Sanitary Sewers

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Chapter I. General

Sec. 301-1 Scope

This division establishes the minimum acceptable standards of design, materials and methods to be used in providing sanitary sewer systems for developments in the County of Kern. Where the sewer system being designed is to be installed within a district which has adopted standards for sewers, the more restrictive of that district's standards and the standards contained herein shall apply. Minor deviations from these standards may be permitted where warranted in the opinion of the Director, with the concurrence of the district Engineer for the district or entity.

Sec. 301-2 General

301-2.01 The design data and calculations, and the construction plans for proposed development sewers are to be submitted by the developer's engineer to the Director, for review and approval prior to construction.

This is in addition to the approval of any applicable district.

301-2.02 The requirement for review by, and approval of, the Director for sewer plans may be waived when all of the following conditions exist:

    1. The facilities are to be accepted and maintained by an established Public Utility District, Mutual Water Company, Home Owner Association or other approved entity.
    2. The company or district has adopted standards which the Director has found to be equivalent to, or more restrictive than, the County’s adopted Development Standards.
    3. The plans are prepared by the developer's engineer and approved by the company's or district's engineer or prepared by the company's or district's engineer and approved by the developer's engineer.
    4. The company's or district's engineer is independent of the developer and the developer's engineer.
    5. The company's or district's engineer, by certificate, shall state that the plans meet or exceed the minimum Kern County Development Standards.
    6. The district or company has received written approval from the Director for waiver of the requirement of County review and approval of the plans.


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