January 21, 2019

Division Five - Standards for Landscaping - Chapter II. Irrigation System

Chapter II. Irrigation System

Sec. 502-1 General Design Notes

502-1.01 All electrical wiring, controls, and devices shall be U.L. listed, and so labeled. Other approval organizations will be subject to review and approval prior to installation.

502-1.02 The landscape system shall be designed to properly function from service pressure without the use of pumps.

502-1.03 Sprinkler heads shall be selected to limit the amount of overspray on walls, sidewalks, or pavement.

502-1.04 All sprinklers and quick coupling valves shall be installed using double swing joints.

502.105 A master irrigation plan shall be submitted for phased development.

502.106 Irrigation system shall be designed to minimize the number of meters and backflow devices.

Sec. 502-2 As-Built Drawings

502-2.01 Provide a complete "As-Built" record set of prints which shall be corrected daily and show every change from the original drawings and the exact "As-Built" locations, sizes, and kinds of equipment. The "As-Built" prints shall be a set of cronar or similar mylar material. All work shall be in waterproof, red ink and applied to the mylar by a technical pen made expressly for use on mylar material in a neat and complete legible manner.

502-2.02 The As-Builts shall be dimensioned from two permanent points of reference, i.e., building corners, sidewalks, or road intersections, etc., and accurately show the location of the following items:

    1. Connection to existing water lines.
    2. Connection to existing electrical power.
    3. Gate valves, remote control valves, quick couplings and related equipment.
    4. Routing and/or directional turns of sprinkler pressure lines and control wiring (dimension max. 100 feet along routing).

Sec. 502-3 Controller Charts

Provide three controller charts for each controller supplied, one is to be attached in the controller and the other turned over to the County in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals. Chart attached to controller shall be laminated to prevent weather damage.

The chart shall indicate the area controlled by the automatic controller and shall be the maximum size which the controller door will allow.

Sec. 502-4 Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Prepare and deliver prior to completion of construction, two (2) hard cover three (3) ring binders containing the following information:

502-4.01 Index sheet stating landscape Contractor's address and telephone number, list of equipment with contacts for manufacturer's representative.

502-4.02 Catalog and part sheets on all material and equipment installed.

502-4.03 Complete operating and maintenance instructions on all major equipment.


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