March 22, 2019

Division Five - Standards for Landscaping

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Chapter I. General

Sec. 501-1 Purpose and Scope

This division establishes the minimum standards of design, materials, plants, and methods to be used in providing landscaping for developments in Kern County. Landscaping required by development or within a County right-of-way shall be maintained by an entity approved by the Director. A County Service Area (CSA) or Park District are examples of acceptable maintenance entities. All landscaping installed in County right-of-way shall require an encroachment permit from the Roads Department.

Sec. 501-2 Procedures

The following procedures shall be used when landscaping is to be provided:

501-2.01 Maintenance entity/CSA shall be formed prior to approval of landscape plans.

501-2.02 Landscape plans shall be submitted to the Department for checking. All Landscape plans and specifications shall be designed in compliance with Article 10.8 of the Government Code, State and/or local regulations and ordinances relating to water conservation.

501-2.03 Landscape plans shall be approved by the Director and the maintenance entity.

501-2.04 Provisions from Division One, Standards for Streets, Chapter VI shall be met.

501-2.05 The plans shall clearly show the location of all valves, meters, backflow preventers, controllers, sprinkler heads, points of connection to the water system and other such equipment. These exact locations shall be indicated on the "As Built, Record Drawings" to allow easy location. The As Built, Record Drawings shall be prepared by the Landscape engineer/architect. The plans shall clearly show existing and proposed streetlights, utility poles, utility vaults and fire hydrants.

501-2.06 The plans shall be prepared on mylar or similar material on sheets sized to 24 X 36 inches. Title sheet shall identify the development, contain a vicinity map, a key map (scale 1 inch = 200 feet), signature blocks for the Landscape designer and the maintenance entity/CSA. 

The balance of the drawings shall be drawn at a scale not less than 1 inch = 20 feet.

Where shrubs or trees are to be planted, the sight distance lines, Plate No. R-71 shall be overlaid on the plans to show that the plants and other improvements do not interfere with clear zones. See Division I Section 106-1 Landscaping, for sight distance requirements.


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