January 21, 2019

Division Six - Environmental Health Standards, Rules & Regulations - Chapter III. Water Supply

Chapter III. Water Supply

Sec. 603-1 There must be an adequate supply of potable domestic water for the needs of the development, at buildout.

Sec. 603-2 The quality of the domestic water supply shall meet the current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Drinking Water Standards. Should those standards be replaced by those of some Federal or State agency, the newer standards shall apply.

Sec. 603-3 Where domestic water supply by private wells is proposed, a report prepared by a qualified engineer or geologist outlining findings and opinions concerning the adequacy of the quantity and quality of ground water is required. The report shall include, but shall not be limited to data on the chemical and bacteriological qualities of the ground water (chemical and bacteriological analyses must be made by a State approved laboratory). Constituents and properties to be tested for shall be in accordance with current Federal and State requirements, as may be modified from time to time by directive of the Director of the Environmental Health Services Department.

Sec. 603-4 Tank-truck hauling of domestic water for land developments or lots within new land developments is not permitted.

Sec. 603-5 Domestic water supply wells shall be drilled and constructed in accordance with the Kern County Ordinance Code. The installation of private water wells within easements or in building setback areas is not permitted.

Sec. 603-6 All domestic water supply systems must be under Environmental Health Services Department or State Department of Health Services permit. A permit to construct a new water system for a subdivision must be obtained prior to recordation of the final map. If an existing system is to be expanded, its permit must be updated prior to recordation of the final map. Construction of any water supply facilities shall be in compliance with the Kern County Zoning Ordinance, and any Variance, Conditional Use Permit, Modification, or other requirement shall be obtained prior to recordation of the final map.

Sec. 603-7 Existing water wells which have been, or are proposed to be abandoned shall be destroyed in accordance with the Kern County Ordinance Code prior to Environmental Health Services Department acceptance of the development.

Sec. 603-8 If the proposed land development is to be served by a public domestic water supply, a letter from the appropriate agency or company signifying its capability and its intention to furnish domestic water to the property must be submitted to the Environmental Health Services Department. If construction has not begun within one year of the date the "will serve" letter is issued, an updated letter will be required.

Sec. 603-9 Sources of domestic water supply (e.g., wells, springs, etc.) are not permitted in floodplains unless protected by flood control devices approved by the Water Agency or the Department of Engineering, Surveying & Permit Services Department and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Health Services Department so as to minimize infiltration of floodwaters thereinto.


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