February 22, 2019

Division Six - Environmental Health Standards, Rules & Regulations

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Chapter I. General

Sec. 601-1 The Environmental Health Services Department's "Standards for Land Developments" include the aspects of sewage disposal, water supply, and preservation of environmental health. The standards, which are intended to safeguard the public health, are enforced by the County's Environmental Health Services Department. They are primarily intended to apply to residential units. Exceptions may be granted by the Director of the Environmental Health Services Department. The applicant may request a variance from the requirements of these "Standards". The Director of the Environmental Health Services Department is authorized to approve a variance if it is determined that the granting of such variance will not result in any nuisance or menace to the public health. The Director of the Environmental Health Services Department may conditionally approve a variance if it is determined to be necessary to meet the goals and objectives of these "Standards".

Sec. 601-2 The present document replaces the "Policies and Requirements of the Kern County Health Department, Environmental Health Division, Regarding Individual Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Facilities" of 23 April 1970 et.seq. As in the past, the furnishing to the Environmental Health Services Department of any and all data needed to satisfy the content and intent of these Standards is the responsibility of the land developer and his technical consultants.

Sec. 601-3 Regulations of the State of California or other governmental agencies, if more restrictive in nature, have precedence over these Standards. 

Sec. 601-4 All references herein to the California Plumbing Code (CPC) relate to the latest edition as adopted by the County of Kern and as the same may be amended from time to time.


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