January 21, 2019

Division Four - Standards for Drainage - Chapter V. Street Drainage

Chapter V. Street Drainage

Sec. 405-1 Design Flow

405-1.01 The ISDD shall include the evaluation of both on-site and off-site watersheds when applicable.

405-1.02 Street Conveyance

  1. For Type "A" subdivisions, the ISDD may exceed the top of a six (6) inch curb by 0.10 feet.
  2. For Type "B" subdivisions, the depth of flow contained within the road right of way shall not exceed 0.60 feet for the ISDD.
  3. The depth of flow for the CSDD on major and secondary highways shall be maintained as not to prohibit reasonable access.
  4. For mobile home/recreational vehicle parks, the depth of flow for the ISDD shall not exceed the carrying capacity of the travel way.
  5. Where the discharge exceeds the above mentioned limits, a stormdrain or other facilities shall be provided to convey the excess flows.
  6. The drainage system shall be free flowing and shall not allow the retention of more than one (1) foot of water measured at the flowline after the flows have subsided.

405-1.03 Sedimentation

In areas suspected of significant sediment yield from an ISDD, the following shall apply:

    1. The developer’s engineer shall quantify any sediment yield from on-site or off-site properties based upon the ISDD.
    2. Sediment yield shall be independent of the runoff event and is to be mitigated separate from the design discharge.
    3. Sediment shall not be deposited on the roadway.
    4. Higher levels of mitigation may be required in mudslidemudflow areas.

405-1.04 Erosion

  1. Erosion protection measures based on the ISDD shall be established upstream, downstream and through the project by the developer’s engineer subject to approval by the Director.


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