January 23, 2019

Division Four - Standards for Drainage - Chapter IV. Alluvial Fan Development

Chapter IV. Alluvial Fan Development

Sec. 404-1 Development Policy

Development upon an alluvial fan shall mitigate the effects of the flow at the site of development, which has a one-percent risk of being equaled or exceeded in any given year. Such mitigation shall ensure that the one-percent risk flow will be received into the development site, without causing more than one foot of water surface rise resulting from encroachment at the development site, and discharge the one percent risk flow in a manner, as close as possible, to the flow pattern existing prior to development of the site.

Sec. 404-2 Flood Control Facility Requirements

The design of structural flood control measures on alluvial fans shall demonstrate that the measures will effectively eliminate alluvial fan flood hazards from the area protected by such measures. The provided analyses must include, but are not limited to, the following:

404-2.01 Engineering analyses that quantify the discharges and volumes of water, debris, and sediment movement associated with the flood that has a one percent probability of being exceeded in any year at the apex under current watershed conditions and under potential adverse conditions (e.g., deforestation of the watershed by fire). The potential for debris flow and sediment movement must be assessed using an engineering method acceptable to the Director and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The assessment should consider the characteristics and availability of sediment in the drainage basin above the apex and on the alluvial fan.

404-2.02 Engineering analyses showing that the measures will accommodate the estimated peak discharges and volumes of water, debris, and sediment, as determined in accordance with Section 404-2.01, and will withstand the associated hydrodynamic and hydrostatic forces.

404-2.03 Engineering analyses showing that the measures have been designed to withstand the potential erosion and scour associated with estimated discharges.

404-2.04 Engineering analyses or evidence showing that the measures will provide protection from hazards associated with the possible relocation of flow paths from other parts of the fan.

404-2.05 Engineering analyses that assess the effect of the project on flood hazards, including depth and velocity of floodwaters and scour and sediment deposition, on other areas of the fan.

404-2.06 Engineering analyses demonstrating that flooding from sources other than the fan apex, including local runoff, is either insignificant or has been accounted for in the design.


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