January 23, 2019

Division Four - Standards for Drainage - Chapter XII. Natural Channels

Chapter XII. Natural Channels

Sec. 412-1 Delineation

All natural channels shall be identified and clearly delineated on the plans with the appropriate floodplain designation.

For defined natural channels, the Floodplain and Floodway Boundaries shall be delineated, subject to the approval of the Director.

Sec. 412-2 Setback

The minimum setback from the top of bank of a natural channel with side slopes steeper than two (2) horizontal to one (1) vertical, shall be a two (2) to one (1) slope plus a 10 foot wide buffer strip. The setback shall be measured from the toe of the slope. Where the slopes are flatter than two (2) to one (1), the required setback shall be a minimum of 10 feet from the Floodway limit.

Sec. 412-3 Tie-Ins

Where natural channels merge into constructed channels, the tie-ins shall be designed in a manner to dissipate energy and protect against erosion. The design for such tie-ins shall be in accordance with acceptable engineering practices and approved by the Director.

Sec. 412-4 Relocation

Should an existing natural channel be relocated, the channel shall be designed in accordance with the criteria specified herein for constructed channels.

Sec. 412-5 Use of Natural Facilities

All applicable Federal and State permits and requirements shall be required for any operation that would discharge dredged or fill material in any waters of the United States

(normally channels identified with blue lines on the U.S.G.S. maps).


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