January 23, 2019

Division Four - Standards for Drainage - Chapter XI. Levee Design

Chapter XI. Levee Design

Sec. 411-1 Design Flow

Levees shall be designed to accommodate for the CSDD plus freeboard.

Sec. 411-2 Freeboard

411-2.01 The minimum freeboard between the designed CSDD water surface and the levee's top of bank shall be three (3) feet or 0.20 times the specific energy plus one (1) foot, whichever is greater.

411-2.02 An additional one (1) foot, above this minimum of freeboard, shall be required within 100 feet of either side of structures within the levee or whenever the flow is constricted, such as at bridges. An additional 0.50 foot above the minimum is also required at the upstream end, tapering to the minimum at the downstream end of the levee.

Sec. 411-3 Hydraulic Design

See Section 410-3 Hydraulic Design for details.

Sec. 411-4 Structural Design

Levees shall be designed in accordance with the latest revision of the Corps of Engineers Design and Construction of Levees, Engineer Manual, EM1110-2-1913.

Sec. 411-5 Erosion

Mitigation measure for erosion protection shall be prepared and recommended by a registered civil engineer, subject to the approval of the Director.

Sec. 411-6 Fencing

Fencing requirements for levees shall be in accordance with the criteria contained in the constructed channel design, Section 410-6.217

Sec. 411-7 Easements/Right-Of-Way

Access, easements and right-of-way shall be in accordance with the requirements set forth in Section 410-7. (Constructed Channels).

Sec. 411-8 Sedimentation

Mitigation measures shall be prepared and recommended by a qualified, registered engineer, subject to the approval of the Director.

Sec. 411-9 Maintenance

A maintenance plan and an entity with taxing power to maintain levees shall be established, subject to the approval of the Director. Neither the County nor County Service Area will maintain a levee.


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