February 22, 2019

Division Four - Standards for Drainage

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Chapter I. General

Sec. 401-1 General Purpose

401-1.01 It is the general purpose of these standards that waters generated by storms, springs, or other sources be mitigated so as to provide reasonable levels of protection for life and property, and the maintenance of necessary access to property or passage of the traveling public on the public highways.

401-1.02 To meet this general purpose, it is necessary that these standards reasonably protect life from the direct effects of flood waters, the indirect health effects associated with stagnating water, and the attractive nuisance provided by standing waters. It is necessary to reasonably protect property from the damaging effects of flood waters. Property access for the ingress and egress of emergency vehicles, or the general public should be reasonably provided. The passage of public vehicles on the public highways should also be reasonably ensured.

401-1.03 In general, the mitigation measures for the protection of life and property, and the maintenance of emergency vehicle access are based upon the Capital Storm Design Discharge (CSDD). The issues related to property access (by the public) and passage on public highways, and local drainage facility design are based upon the Intermediate Storm Design Discharge (ISDD).

401-1.04 The design standards in this section are to be deemed to be minimal, and shall not limit the design engineer from using higher standards based upon the engineer’s assessment of the protection needs of the development. Alternatives are permissible which are determined by the Director to be of equal or higher quality.

401-1.05 The Director may allow such exceptions as he may find to be reasonably required by the specific circumstances, to be in the public interest and in conformity with the general objectives of these standards.

401-1.06 Special circumstances may exist that require additional mitigation above and beyond these standards as determined by the Director.

Sec. 401-2 Maintenance

401-2.01 All facilities intended for public maintenance shall be designed and constructed subject to the approval of the Director and the maintenance entity, or these standards, whichever is more conservative.

401-2.02 All drainage facilities intended for private maintenance shall provide a maintenance plan, subject to the approval of the Director. All such facility maintenance plans shall include, but not be limited to: (a) schedule of cleaning (or clearing), (b) mosquito and vector abatement measures (if applicable), (c) pump maintenance schedule (if applicable), (d) notarized statement by the owner(s) acknowledging his/her/their responsibility and intent to maintain the proposed facility in accordance with the approved maintenance schedule.

401-2.03 Subdivisions with privately maintained streets shall have the drainage facilities maintained by a homeowners association or other entity which has the ability to assess fees for maintenance.


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